Setup Instructions

The University of Toronto owns a Redhat site license for both the AS and ES flavours of the Redhat Linux distribution. To gain access to the ISO images and package updates for these distributions, either send an email to or call Matthew Wilks at 416-978-3328. Accounts are created for system administrators only.

Once you have contacted CNS, an account will be created for you on the Redhat network. Shortly after that you will receive an automated email from Redhat with your username and password to log into the online systems management tool at There will be a group with the name of your department already created (named after the portion of your username following the uoft- prefix); you should use this to store all of your machines.

The last step is to update all of the machines on your network that will be running Redhat to use UofT's proxy server. In the up2date client, change the URL to:

This change may also be made directly in the up2date configuration file /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date, under the noSSLServerURL directive (this has changed to serverURL in RHEL 5 systems). Note: This is not an SSL protected URL

Questions and comments should be directed to